Family Tree

Click on the image above to enlarge. I took a screenshot from my account at, since it seemed the easiest way to render the tree with all the birth and death dates. I modified the image with a few notes, since some of the information is incomplete, plus it seems a little morbid to fill in details on those of you who are living.

(Grandpa Mac’s profile tile is darkened because somehow highlighting his tile was the only way to make the extended MacGregor and Jameson branches stay open. And those little green leaves on the corner are an thing alerting you to possible record matches in their big scary database. You can ignore them here.)

In time I may go back to earlier generations (all those daguerreotype folks still in the trunk in Albuquerque!), and when I do I’ll extend the tree. For now, though, I have plenty of photos and mysteries to explore with these folks to last us a while…

2 thoughts on “Family Tree

  1. Hi, Just to let you know. My grandfather( Walter Morgan ) married Margaret Macgregor ( around 1953-1954) at our home in Huntington. My great great grandfather was William Headen . Harriet Headen Osterheld was ( my great grandmother. I think we may be related through Margaret Moore (married to William Headen) ? Nice to meet you.
    Regards , Kit Schlaugies

    • Hi Kit, good to hear from you! I’ve been in touch with folks on your side this past week (maybe your brother or cousin?). I’m delighted to hear about the cousin connection! Margaret Moore was the sister of my third great-grandmother Mary Ann Moore. Feel free to email me if you want to compare notes. And I’ve been finding out some fun stuff about the Moores and Margaret and Mary Ann’s sister Hannah, so stay tuned!

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