The MacGregor Minera mystery SOLVED!

Sometimes all you have to do is ask the question and the answer will come. A few weeks back, shortly after I posted the previous entry (in which I speculated that perhaps my great grandmother and her sisters taught school in the mining camp town of Minera, Texas), a researcher friend of mine saw the link on Facebook and did a few quick searches in the newspaper databases he can access. (It happens he is a very good researcher.)

Sure enough, he found a number of clippings in the Laredo papers that show that Anna and Mary (along with other girls), taught school in Minera, and they stayed there during the school term with occasional visits home.

March 1908: Anna is around twenty years old.13726586_10153178152687465_3255580076689247602_n  September 1908:13700044_10153178154497465_8451705861865473216_nNovember 1908:  Little ten-year-old sister Kathryn comes up to visit! (Bonus: Mrs. Roy was the wife of the mine superintendent.)13669569_10153178159942465_6624088838219020197_n Mary had the teaching gig by September 1910, when she was around twenty. Obviously she survived the ordeal described below. (Homesickness maybe?)13668942_10153178161777465_3869447850786804958_o February 1911: Guess they had a long holiday break. Interesting that Anna was living in Corpus Christi at this point. She might have been staying with the cousins and great-aunts/uncles who might have still been living up there. Was she teaching school there, too?13699979_10153178146402465_2137777451326325954_n

May 1911: Mary comes home for the summer.13709948_10153178148707465_5097446005712145508_n

Not yet known: how many terms they taught. And did they need the money and/or experience? Or were they in it for the adventure?

We know that Helen, who came next in age after Mary, taught in the mining town of Dolores. That might have been around the time Minera shut down in 1915. Did the two youngest MacGregor sisters—Margaret and Kathryn—teach as well when they were old enough? And if so, did they teach in places like Minera and Dolores?

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