The Jamesons go to Washington (Part 1)

I was away for part of the weekend, so no time for a full post this week. But here are a dozen photos of my great-aunt Vida Jameson, just a few months old, in late 1916 or early 1917 in Washington, DC. Her parents, Malcolm Routh Jameson and Mary MacGregor “Nana” Jameson, took turns posing with her.

(I love how all these photos are taken from at least ten yards away. They look like proof of life photos in some kind of kidnapping ransom negotiation.)

Next week I’ll share what I know about the family at the time these pics were taken. For now, enjoy these tiny, far-off views of tiny Vida!

IMG_7556vidababy2IMG_7558 (1)vidababy4IMG_7554 (1)IMG_7560IMG_7553vidababy5IMG_7559vidababy6vidababy3vidababy1

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