House Jameson on Dark Shadows

I know I’ve been spending a lot of time hanging around the year 1900 on this blog, but let’s jump up to 1967 for a minute, okay? Because with the Dark Shadows movie coming out this week and the mention of the original series on Mad Men, this seems a good time to put up screen-grabs of my great-great uncle’s stint on that crazy gothic soap opera.

That’s him in the middle, with the white hair.

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that House Jameson was the youngest son of Joe Lee Jameson and Amaryllis Routh, and if you’re in my family, you know that House was an actor with a long career in stage, screen, and radio. Here is his IMDB page with all his TV and movie appearances.

He appeared in two episodes of Dark Shadows as a judge who comes to the house to officiate Elizabeth Collins Stoddard’s wedding to some guy who is blackmailing her because she thinks she killed her first husband. Below is House with Elizabeth’s daughter Carolyn, who is packing a pistol in her clutch handbag so she can shoot the groom.

Finally Elizabeth breaks down during the ceremony and confesses to killing her first husband. Sadly the vampire never shows up. House is great, though. The show is on Netflix streaming and you can watch his scenes in Episodes 269 and 270.

Okay, now I’m going to time-travel back to an earlier century to find out more family secrets. (Didn’t they also do that on Dark Shadows?)

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